Malaysia National Children's Day 2020: Keep It Lit

Happy National Children's Day

Malaysia's National Children's Day just celebrated over the weekend on 17 October. This year's theme is Keep It Lit

When I first saw this year's hashtag for Malaysia's National Children's Day, it is the perfect theme of all! That reminded me of my dream. I remembered when I was 16 years old, I was asked what were my dreams? Who I wanted to be when I grow up? I thought for a second and said I wanted to be a news personality or a singer. "You'll never gonna make it! They are not realistic enough!" My heart sank when I heard these hurtful words. From that day on, I told myself to never give up and worked hard towards my dream.

Years later, I did end up in the media industry by working as an intern at one of Malaysia's top-notch media companies. Somehow, they have taken their words back of what they had said to me six, seven years ago. There is an old saying: The axe doesn't remember, but the tree remembers. Meaning, what we said, the person will remember it forever. 

We shouldn't discourage anyone to fulfil their dreams, give them an opportunity to strive and achieve. By the end of the day, we will be taking back the words we have said, and regret it. If children come up to us to tell about their dreams, do not shove them away, take the time to listen to what they say, give them encouraging words and tell them that their dreams will come true! Be a light to our children to make keep their dreams lit! 

What my dreams for this Malaysia's National Children's Day? An equal opportunity- we can chase our dreams boldly and freely without any judgements. Work hard, persevere and never give up, the dream will come true. 

Keep It Lit, for every child, an equal opportunity! Wishing all Malaysian children a Happy Children's Day! In our national language, we say it "Selamat Hari Kanak-Kanak Malaysia!"