The Moment You Start Losing

A template for 'The moment you start losing'

I had a habit to google down everything. How to achieve success? How to be a smart worker in place of a hard-working person? Why am I not able to motivate myself? How to get things done at the right time in the best way possible?

There are many causes for a breakdown. Losing someone, lacking flexibility in talents or no development whatsoever we do to achieve better results.

But still, we encounter people who overcome such problems.

There is an unending list of successful names who worked hard when they were at the lowest point in their lives. Destiny was somewhat their enemy. So many names from distinct places and dealing with various problems landed achieving their passion somehow.

Why can’t I? It was my only question. Why can’t I get over my problems and start again?

Have you ever realised that with the increasing age, we tend to get more demotivated as well? We lose confidence to try our potentials.

Don’t get to the wrong side. It’s not about the ‘Age’. It’s about the age of our mind.

Mind age?

Let me explain it a bit more.

It’s about the curiosity of a child’s mind in comparison to a so-called experienced mind of an adult who is no more curious about himself/herself.

How about if I explain the composition of our mind goals in terms of direction and the source of its motivation?

● Which is the right direction?: A child does not have a self-directed path to follow. He just takes up the shape when he is pushed towards a certain goal. It can be done by his/her parents, teachers, or friends. He is not afraid of the failures because he does not care about the resulting end. He just wants to complete the task and be the best to impress everyone. He focuses on that single aim.

When we turn into adults, we have already covered a long road of multiple failures and had experienced unavoidable mistakes. Even if we have a definite goal unlike a child, we are scared to discover, invent and explore new things. Scared of failures and embarrassment of losing. We are so confident of losing that we forget about the ecstatic pleasure of winning.

That one is the wrong direction which we always take to keep our ego satisfied without even trying. No trying, no failure and no embarrassment! And then the audacity to get disappointed or jealous of hard-working and successful people.

● What are the sources of Motivation?: While a child seeks to learn from outside things, we adults look for our inside soul to start working.

That is the reason why we always seek a peaceful mind and ideas to develop motivation in ourselves. We have lost the power to appreciate the things which are present in our surroundings. We have built virtual walls around us to the outer environment which tends to block us from the beauty of nature.

When you fail at your project, you look for other ways to make it work. It’s not like that you just abruptly change the project idea completely. Well, it is actually what we are doing nowadays! Changing our goals frequently when we fail to achieve a much smaller sub-goal.

Inner satisfaction is very important. We need to comprehend before the real performance. But, we end up overthinking at the moment. Sometimes we are required to make our environment more eye-catching or comfortable to increase our work efficiency.

Do you get to realize the moment when we start losing?

1) Not thinking in the right direction​​Being oblivious of the fact that success comes from hard work and consistency. This will NEVER change.

Example: When a student A studying from last four weeks scores 98/100 grabbing the first place while student B gets 88/100 in just a single night. Does it make B much smarter? We should never assume if we are thinking so because it’s easier said than done! There is a difference in getting first place and could have grabbed the first rank. And that difference makes the other person a topper.

2) If things do not seem to work, we need to switch to plan B without running from our problems. If we lack the motivation to do so, we should look up for the reason behind it.

Example: Student A who wins every single time is because of his consistent courage to not lose to the problems in hand. He may take a break or switch to any other subject when he is stuck with the problem but he'll not leave it lagging over his achievements. He will sit again and look for possible solutions to the questions to gain a victory for once again.

We need to decipher the moments which reincarnate to defeat us with their loops.

Is it the mobile phone distracting you from studying or your lack of interest in the subject? Are your all problems have found a solution or you are too demotivated to look up for the remedies?

It's time we spend some time on self-introspecting our engines of execution.

Motivation could be intrinsic or extrinsic. What we require at the moment is to look up for the type we seem to be lacking.

It will be the moment we'll start winning.

The greates amount of wasted time is the time not getting started.