My Dad Is The Most Inspirational Man In My World

Salam Al-Nukta (Left), 10 years old, Yasser Al-Nukta (Right), father.

How many times have you ever thought of this question: “Who inspires you?” I know it might seem easy. But trust me, it is not. Especially when your answer should be clear and honest, identifying the person who has impacted your past and will continue to impact your future.

I have spent a week already brainstorming who might be that person. I don’t want to give a random answer.

I identified several criteria for what makes a person influential. I looked up the characteristics of influential people. According to all the articles I read my person should hold these traits:

1- He must be a leader of a tribe of passionate followers:

And who will ever be a better leader than Daddy? Yes, exactly. The secret behind the far steps that I took and victories I achieved is the marvelous man I call “Daddy”. The tribe is the family he dedicates his life to. I’m proud to be a passionate follower in that tribe.

2- He shall never settle for second-best:

“My daughter never will be anything else but to be a pioneer” he used to say, kissing me on my forehead. He was the motivation and the support that I needed.

3- He must live outside the comfort zone:

How can I ever forget how he helped me and my brother when he took care of our mom while she was suffering from cancer? He was a friend, a brother, a father and most of all a husband to her. When she lost hope, he stood by her. She was about to lose her life early in their marriage and he sacrificed his life to look after her.

So my dad doesn’t have a bestselling book. He had never been on TV to give a motivational speech. And he never won “The most influential man of the year” award. But he has my respect. And he is responsible for my future success.

I’m an activist because he taught me that I should always stand up for myself. I’m a university student and a career-oriented woman because he never gave up on me when I wanted to give up. I’m lucky because he is my dad.

If any man is a hero, it is in my dad. And I admit that he will always be my prince and I will always be his little princess.

Syrian Arab Republic