Before the now

Image of technologies

While we are enjoying the perks of having the most latest gadget and technologies, it is also important to look back and still be familiar with the traditional ones.

Looking at the vast and fast pace of change we had overtime, it seems that most of us have been so engrossed with the current trends, whether it be in gadgets or in any other form of technological advancement. It is not wrong that we are up to date, the point is, we sometimes are so in love enjoying them that we forget to at least look back and still be familiar with what we used before.

One of these traditional things is the use of paper and pencil in communicating with other people. By using email through messenger, Yahoo mail, and Google mail -- writing messages and transporting it to others have become so easy, we no longer have to worry about our grammatical and punctuation errors because of auto-correction. This advancement may have its benefits, but it has a negative side. Students or young minds may no longer have to generate or think about their own genuine words and expressions because of their dependency on auto-correction.

Second is the use of printed materials in referencing. It is a good thing that in just one click, we are able to find anything we need in the internet. It indeed gives us the advantage of not spending money to travel to the library to find journals and books that could help us in supplementing information for our home work. However, the same reason drives us away from depending on printed materials, when I believe books can be more relevant and reliable when it comes to information dissemination compared to those that are editable and found online. 

The main point here is, although we are into enjoying the perks of the 21st century advancements, we should still not forget the importance of what traditional methods and ways can give us. Technology could be a great help to any one of us, but it is important that we know how to balance its use because we do not know how many deep-rooted traditions will be gone for good.