Once Upon A Time

There is hope

Once upon a time, when she was less of a human and more of a shadow, I used to cry. Not wanting to cause her grief, but determined to see her smile, I gave her a feather. One she must protect from any harm. She promised me to always protect the feather. However, she was being abused, daily hit and degraded until once, her blood was abundant, it stained the feather.

It was not until that moment that she realised she ought not to be hit. Only at that moment did she finally understand that by reporting her abuser, I was not trying to steal her husband, I was trying to save her. She finally realised that he had no right to harm her and that she should not protect him in court.

That day, for her, marked the beginning of a new era in which she started helping those of us who, sadly, get abused. She realised her worth, she showed infinite bravery, she challenged her whole family. She got convinced that marriage was not ownership. She became her own woman and help whoever needed to be pushed to see reality in the face. All thanks to a feather, the hope feather that saved her and all the women of her entourage.