Parents of the future


I believe Gen Z has better morals and political views then any other generation. I often find myself arguing with my parents over their outdated views and try to educate them. These debates make me think of how different I myself will raise my children along with the rest of Gen Z I hope. 

For example, as a teenager I have started to become exposed to the objectification women face on a daily basis. No woman should fear walking down the street alone however we do due to some men being disrespectful, rude and even scary sometimes. The saddest part is that whenever we talk about these encounters we are often asked questions such as “Well what were you wearing?”.  However, these questions are irrelevant. Men have been objectifying women for thousands of years. Do you think they had mini skirts and crop tops in the Victorian times? No, therefore it is the way these men are brought up that is the problem not what the woman is wearing. 

Therefore, as future parents I believe Gen Z should never restrict what clothes our daughters wear or enforce dress codes in school and instead teach our sons to respect women. 

I also believe we should completely erase any stereotypes we were brought up with. For instance, I think we should abolish the idea of dressing baby boys in blue and baby girls in pink. I believe these stereotypes are outdated and enforce toxic masculinity. This tradition makes the child believe their is a certain way each gender has to dress which is definitely not true.

In conclusion, I hope as a generation we can correct the mistakes of the previous generations and create a safe and accepting world for our children.