People are meant to cross your way, but not stay

People crossing each other's way.

So it happens like this -

A person enters your life on one day, 

You both talk, and finally get close to each other.


Then one day, 

That person leaves you without any explanation,

Or an explanation that seems quite unjustifiable.


I know how it feels,

The person with whom you shared your secrets,

With whom you shared your phobias, is now gone.


There would be times, 

When you'd fall apart, when you'd weep, 

And when you'd feel constant affliction for a long, long time.


But one day would come, 

When you'd start pretending, when you'd start to pretend 

That all this doesn't bother you anymore, and you're over it.


But in real, you'd be facing a tough time, 

At night, you'd be behind those closed doors, crying,

And in the morning, you'd wake up with dark circles and swollen eyes.


But deep inside your heart, 

You'd be waiting for that person to come back, 

And give you an honest explanation where all of it went wrong.


But that would never happen, 

That person would not come back, 

And you would not get any last explanation. 


And soon the time would come, 

When you would not miss them, crave for them, 

Or even think of what they did to you.


From this time, 

You'd understand, they came in your life because of a reason,

A reason you were not aware of then, and a reason you still don't know. 


So you'd just thank the almighty, the greatest of all, 

For bringing that person in your life, and for being able to make

Some memories which you'd cherish forever, till the end of your days.


You'd finally realize, that person was meant to cross you way,

And not stay, because they have their way ahead, and 

So do you, so both of you have to keep moving forward.


Hence, all you'd do in the end is, 

Be grateful, because

It happened.