Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is one of the major problems in our generation. 

I look at myself every morning on my way out with different thoughts in my head. 

Will I be judged by what I wear? 

Can I walk down the streets without the opposite sex getting the wrong ideas? 

There is no age limit to rape or molested victims. Predators are everywhere stalking and watching your every move. Most victims are molested by family members or someone they trust. Victims are blamed and tortured by the memories. 

I was at an event few weeks ago and the rape topic came up.  40% suggested females should cover up more, attend less parties and walk with good friends to avoid it. 

I had to ask questions 

Why do I have to do all these? Can't he control himself? What can you say about pedophiles? Will you blame the children as well? 

As a person, PROTECT yourself in a way you can. 

Be BRAVE, SPEAK out,  get HELP.