Shake up your life: The 5 second rule by Mel Robins

feel the positivity through you

Yes guys for those of you who think that once you are facing your own mental demons, you can no longer be normal and start living your life once again...Let me tell you people, you are wrong. In the words of the famous speaker Mel Robins, "your life changes in a span of 5 seconds".

Now what does that mean?? It means once you launch yourself out of that bed just like a rocket, you are on for it.

Now after you get out of that pit, your brain automatically programs the problem you have to face the whole day. And let me tell you an interesting fact -- now your brain is ready for the challenges.



Now the biggest question is, how to do it??

I will tell you that as well ;-)

STEP 1: Just as your eyes open in the morning, welcome the sunshine.

STEP 2: Now you gotta count backwards (like 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 - launch)

STEP 3: Now just get out of that gloomy hole the moment u say 0 like a rocket launches itself unknown of the temperature or the conditions of the outer space. It is just like us, programmed by the society.

STEP 4: Best of luck.


Conclusion -- Our life, the decisions we take, the mistakes we make, all changes in a 5 second duration. So get up. Because now is the time!!