The situation of teachers in Turkey

pencil on paper

Hello everyone, I'm İdil and I live in Turkey. In my country I believe education is the most needed thing and there are a lot of campaigns to improve education. There are more than 3 three organizations which help girls’ education, there are organizations for the children who have lost their parents, there are also community centres which educate the public. A lot of people dedicate themselves to teach people and change the society in to a better way. I am really proud of these people; but there is a thing that I am not proud of (which is a shame for such a country with great citizens): the education policy and the teachers payments.

I believe we have policies in education that still discuss skirt sizes, consider if we should celebrate our national holidays or not, make us to think one way, keep us from learning what we want, do not support different talents and do not hold our society together.

I feel that most of our education system is a total shame. I think teacher compensation is a big problem.  In many institutions, if the teachers are caring, loving and pleased with their job, the public will be well educated, but teacher's wages in Turkey are 1000 to 1500 liras (600 USD to 900USD) per month. The lowest house rent starts with 700 lira (123 USD). Food and transportation can cost 100 lira (60 USD) per month. This is the teachers situation in Turkey.

Can a person who is worried about their bills, house rent and vital needs teach people with confidence to improve their minds? Maybe they can, but a teacher doesn't deserve this. Like any hardworking person, a teacher deserves to feel financially secure.

Teachers keep society together, they provide us with information we need and want. A teacher can give us the power to see the universe in a different way from the way we see our daily lives. They can teach us to be fearless and free. I believe by making teachers feel secure and motivated, society can be in a better place.

How can we improve the situation for teachers? Are you doing this in your country? What are your ideas? Share your voices with me please.

Republic of Türkiye