Sometime soon

Looking at the beautiful sky and craving to see the whole world with no Boundary

Shorts are too reveling and longs are to kitschy; skinny is too much and loose is too conservative. Growing up in a society where pajamas are too informal for going out and suits are much too body hugging.

There is so much chaos, chaos in our society, chaos in our heads, and chaos in our hearts.

Every time I walk to my closet I have to take a check list for filling in all the criteria before putting on my outfit. After walking out of my room my mom makes sure whether I am wearing a appropriate clothes of not, simply because she cares. I don’t know! For me caring is nurturing the human rather than putting boundary around them. 

I am waiting for the day when I can step out of my house wearing my choice of clothes without anyone judging, without any fear of being objectified, without my mom stopping me to check my outfit.

I hope that soon we all will be free from all the negative statements for our choices. I hope soo it will be possible to wear designer clothes in public. Soon people will accept us they way we are and the way we choose to be.