Staying Safe Online

#OurLivesOnline webinar

A month ago, I attended a webinar called #OurLivesOnline which was organised by Childline Foundation Malaysia and UNICEF Malaysia. Did you know that nine out of 10 children are Internet users? 92% of the Internet users are Malaysian students aged between 13 and 17, they are social media users. 

How safe are we when we are online? What are the things that we should or should not post? Too much sharing will lead to social issues such as cyber bullying and sometimes the internet will cause mental health which can lead to depression. One of the cases that happened to a 16-year-old ended her life by commit suicide due to a poll that was shared on Instagram story, leaving to the netizens to take charge. 

We shouldn’t let this taking a toll on us. As young people, we can stop similar cases of cyber bullying by following these simple steps. First and foremost, save the evidence. Secondly, talk to a trusted friend or a grown up if you are cyber bullied and finally, report to authorities. 

Stop cyber bullying by being kind both online and offline.