Thank you

a classroom with desks and no students

Teachers and counselors are so important.

My home life was pretty dysfunctional and at times violent and abusive for most of the time I was in elementary to high school. 

It was pretty scary and severely damaged my mental health. 


But school was the one place besides some friends and church, that I felt safe. It was the one place I could go to every day (albiet too early in the morning) that I didn't have to take care of everything. Where hopefully, the adults were obligated to act at least somewhat adult like. They were there for us. There was a structure. 

They wanted us to learn and some of the staff wanted us to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Sometimes they were the only adult figures I had. 

Sometimes they gave me breakfast and let me talk after school as long as I needed. 

My one counselor was my second mom. 


Yes not every aspect of school was good for me. But it because of those amazing people that I honestly kept going to school and stayed alive. They're one big part of why I'm still here. 


Thank and value these individuals please. 


A lot of kids don't "look" abused or like they have serious problems. So thank you so much to the counselors and teachers that helped me no matter what. 


Thank you so much.