They deserve it too!!

A group of beautiful fish in water.

Animals…what could they possibly be thinking about us? 

What would they say about us humans?? Do they talk?? Yes they DO!! We just cannot figure it out.

Think for a moment, if they could communicate with us as how we do with each other, what would they say??

Just because we are human and we are able to talk, that does not mean the animals do not have rights to stand up for. At the end, we all are the children of Mother Nature, aren’t we?          

Nowadays everyone is speaking about human rights and equality, but no one seems to be caring about rights of animals. Even though they do not fight for it, they deserve each and everything we have.

Among all of them, I consider “Freedom” as the biggest thing that human stole from them.

There are numerous ways how we have made them imprisoned in their own world. For example, think of a fish in a tank; it is not easy for a wanderer who roamed the ocean to stay stuck in a glass bowl. I recently heard that gazing at a fish tank may improve mental health.

Dear people of the world: think; what is the point of improving one’s health while destroying someone else’s whole life?

Zoos are the next in line. We drag the animals out of the jungle and put them in cages so we can look at them and enjoy. Have you ever thought about their feelings? If not, do it now!

Then, the animals get killed since we need good proteins. How unfair??

Sheep naturally get wool for their protection, not for making expensive coats. Still they are lucky that they do not have to die like some other animals we use to get leather.   

Being born in a rare species is another unfortunate incident for an animal. They are immediately taken to labs and forcibly examined by human. Even the microorganisms deserve to live their lives. Visible or invisible, everyone must have the right of freedom.

Inside laboratories, helpless animals silently beg for their lives because human inject them to check whether the serums are safe for us. These are lives that we are playing with!!!                                                                      

Science is about learning the miracles of Nature. Therefore, using science to ruin the lives of natural things is very wrong. Nature treats all of us equally – human, jellyfish or cactus. It is humans who changed everything.                                                                                                                

This inequality must be eliminated from the world before the Nature punishes us for hurting her belongings. We, the youth must work hard until we make sure that this inequality no longer exists.

For that, there is only one thing that we should understand;

 “Our bodies might differ, but we all share the same soul of Mother Nature.”





"Our bodies might differ, but we share the same soul of Mother Nature"
A couple of Macau birds in a cage.
Sri Lanka