Ways to finish

Ways to finish / Formas de terminar

After weeks of self-absorption I was able to understand the value of finishing something like a project, a job, a love relationship, a friendship.

With time, we went through a series of vicissitudes in life, between blows to the heart and blows of joy that define our well-being. For the same reason, we can be at the top or bottom of our emotional state, the difference is at what time and in what way the end of that something arrives.

When we are to whom others say « goodbye », « this is over »,  « see you never » and other more shocking and unexpected things. That's when the moment of our mood comes into play, at what point do we find ourselves? Are we always ready to receive an end?

If you have the superpower of being in a very high level of emotional state, you will surely find the solution to face that moment, if you already have it by itself. In that case there will be new growth opportunities in what you do because we always learn when we start another stage.

However, for some people who are at the lowest point of their emotional state, it is so difficult to face that moment, from having feelings of anguish, anxiety and stress, going through depression and crying at different times returning to have those feelings like a cycle without end, we feel that we are static and we only feel movement through the pain of everything that happens to us.

If you are going through that moment, I want to tell you that you are not alone, even if you think you are, as I have believed for a long time. I will not say that things are going to happen and everything will be fine, you have to take some time for yourself, the most precious gift you have is your time, life is not a novel, a movie, a song, a job, a couple, a friend, a person.

Life is only yours, everything you feel defines you and determines your well-being, if you want to have well-being start with the most important thing, your thoughts, talk to yourself and start by forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Then you will find love in the things you do and in the people who will come to you, then you will create the opportunities of change for you.

We learned that everything we do generates a positive or negative impact on others, therefore, when you are the person who has to finish something later, be empathetic and imagine how you would like them to tell you so as not to hurt you or offend you but to recognize the efforts and achievements in a whole stage that comes to an end.

Although life sometimes takes some people away from us, it also leads us to other people, make sure to keep the best feelings in you, be grateful for the contribution to your well-being and forgive to advance, grow and never give up, life is a constant struggle, make sure you build yourself stronger and braver.

Thanks for reading me :)