"We are all one"

Discrimination: unfair/ prejudicial treatment of people based on their gender, race, age, etc.

"We are all one"

Isn't that said by many, but accepted by none?

There are people who are discriminated for their entire lives

Well, then surely, it is easier said than done.


Why is it obligatory for women to lead a life you choose?

Why do we still live in a world where half of humanity is bruised?


I've seen you hit that boy in the wheelchair,

I've seen you humiliate that slum boy again, 

I've seen you arrogantly order your servants,

For themselves, they are never able to speak.

In this dark world, their silence shrieks.


"Money buys happiness", you've put in that poor girl's mind,

"You can only be a boy or a girl" to this has your thinking confined,

"You can't be beautiful with a burnt face!"

Oh, can you not be just a little kind?


Racism gives humans sorrow and hate.

Is religion really a reason to differentiate?

So where is the place 

For humanity?

For empathy?

For kindness?

When will you stop trying to discriminate?


In this world full of inhumane growth and despair

Beware, take care

Before you get engulfed in this nightmare.