We aren't learning

A student tired of studying

I like solving problems of mathematics and physics on my own. When I get stuck on a problem and after brainstorming for a long time I finally solve the problem, I feel real pleasure. I remember telling myself not to give up while solving calculus problems. But I didn’t hate them.

I like studying at my own pace. Without having pressure or the thought of an examination in my mind. I like doing it slowly, to the point it doesn’t make me feel bad.

But all my good feelings go away when I remember that I have to sit for an examination.

Studying is not for enjoying. Studying is for getting good grades in examination. You have to solve the problems from the tutor as you don’t have enough time to solve them on your own. You have to study to the point it takes away all your time and make you hate studying.

Today’s studying system is not suitable for learning. We have to cram things inside our heads which won’t be useful anyways. Is that increasing our knowledge? Students learn just to get through their examinations. The grading system is supposed to test a student, to know which subject he/she is good at. Is it necessary to be good at all subjects? What good that is for? And what is happening is that you have to be good at every subject by any means, or you can’t go to university, or get a job. In other words, your future depends on it.

Is that what you call being educated? In a system that leaves you with no way to enjoy studying even if you want to?

If Henry Fischel knew that his invented examination system would turn out to be this, I guess he would have second thoughts about it. He probably did it with good intentions. But now it turned out to be a bad thing.