When life seems to be taking place in a birdcage

Human is a cage

Yesterday, I saw a pet bird that somehow got freedom from its caged life. It entered our house and even when we tried to set it free, it came back to our balcony again.

It made me think. That we, human beings, are not much different this bird.

We are caged inside our daily routines and habits. As much as we want to free ourselves from this hectic lifestyle, when we actually get a chance to be free we don't know what to do. 

Take COVID-19 lockdown as an example. When we got an unexpected break from our tiring tight-schedules, most of us were lost. We didn't know what to do with all these free time. In the end, we wanted our normal lives back, that monotonous life we hated so much and wanted to break free of.

A bird that was born in the wild has to deal with all sorts of inconveniences in its life - protecting its home and offspring, finding food and building its own nest. But a caged bird doesn’t have to worry about any of that.

Those who have the courage to take the road less travelled, to dream and chase after a dream are like those wild birds. While most of us are like pet birds. We are pets in the hand of society. We go with the flow, dreaming of freedom but even if we get to be free, we realize that we’ve been caged for way too long. In the end, we choose to go back to that caged life. Again.