Why voices need to be heard

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I have a voice. My voice is heard. I'm influential. I make a difference and change. These are words and whole sentences that form in my thoughts and form a manifesto. They are words that carry such relevance and I am more than proud and grateful to be able to live in a country where opinion-forming is not only guaranteed, but also promoted, especially for young people, and at the same time I have the legitimacy to say these words in a certain way? I'm an ordinary girl with an (maybe?) habitual need to change the world in a sense. I have the need and the aspiration to make a difference in a world where the many small differences are long overdue. As a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, I am committed to pointing out the grievances in this society, both in the national and international context, On problems that have their roots deep in the political, societal, social, ethical, moral and religious aspects and at the same time have such a complexity that can hardly be fully grasped. I would like to publish important perspectives, opinions and controversies, share ideas and create something important on this very important platform and organization. 

And, above all, change. Change is an important step forward for our future under certain conditions. 

And it is precisely for these and so many other reasons that children and young people need a voice that they can and are allowed to use. I live in a country where freedom of expression is considered the most important asset of this society. But we are more than in agreement that this does not apply to all countries and communities. We are the future. We have a right to play an active role in shaping our future. Giving us a voice that is heard is a start. 

I have a voice. My voice is heard. I'm influential. I make a difference and change.These are words that hopefully one day every person (especially young people and children) will be able to say out loud and use, regardless of their country, gender or other criteria that limit a person to develop his or her full potential.

“The ones who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless.” ~ Oscar Romero

“People must be able to use their voice, tell their stories, have their experiences recognized and their voices heard.” ~ Patricia Leavy

“Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.” ~ Barack Obama