Why You Should Love Your Haters

Stand out from the crowd
"Why fit in when you were born to stand out!"

Worthy gains come with a price; an expensive one I mean. Many came to life and thought about making a difference and standing out from the crowd. These people are determined, strong and passionate about their causes. They don’t work to get their faces on cover pages of magazines. Because fame is the last thing they think about while working.

People think fame is an indicator for the greatness of the work you do. They are wrong. Because fame is the sword that ruins sustainability for all that you have been building.

Talking about success indicators: I would like to highlight what I think is the most important one.

Those who aim to achieve success in life mostly end up finding themselves alone at the top. Because, whatever you do, people will still hate you on the road. However, while having haters brings negative energy to your life, they actually, unconsciously, offer many greater benefits to your career. So smile, because having haters is actually a blessing.

Fans will support you no matter how bad things get. They are tender and always looking after you. They might never bring you gifts but they will always smile when they see you. Haters however, will always challenge you and push you beyond your limits. They are hard on you. They can be as honest as telling you how ugly you look before an interview.

The best part of having these doubters is that they always try to talk about you, which will lead to more people hearing about your story. They consistently try to break and bring you down. If you manage to pull through and reach success despite their negative messages, it makes victory more striking. Eventually, nothing beats being able to prove people wrong.

So next time you think about crying about your haters, think of how far they are pushing you towards your accomplishments. You will thank them later; trust me when I say that.

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