The world we all go to escape

A young girl with bright blue eyes and a red scarf over her hair
My favorite book character,Amani, part of a rebellion in the book Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Life is very overwhelming for everyone. To carry a big weight on your back is very hard, but to not have a safe place is even harder.I'm an only child, and both of my parents expect a lot from me-because they think I can do it.

Being the introvert I am, I don't like it when there are people around me when I feel tired.So my safe place-as weird as it sounds-is a pile of papers with thousands of letters printed in them, and a colorful cover on top of all of it.It might sound crazy but I really like hiding away in a book.

Looking over the life of a goddess, or a warrior queen, or a princess-and all of those beautiful and capable women succeeding in the end. Everyone around me almost always goes on Instagram or Snapchat to calm their nerves, and when they see me holding a book they laugh and say "Hey everybody! Someone is reading!". I don't know why but I still imagine myself as the heroine in a young girls book, as the idol of a wonderful young lady. 

This isn't about the beautiful young women or the strong men they can live without, but its about the determination and the help they have. There is always the best friend who's never tired of being there, the older woman who is always right and the handsome young man-the other half of our heroine. I don't know why I've never thought of myself as a heroine who changes the right to wrong, as someone who gets a happy ending with everyone I love by my side and loved by everyone around me.

I guess thats why we have favorite books.They tell the stories we want ourselves to be a part of.Boys like superheroes and girls like princesses. Some read romance because they want to have a story for themselves really bad.Some read fantasy because they want to live in a world with dragons and magic.

I guess each of us will have to live our lives like we are writing a story that suits us well.A story that will be someones favorite book one day.

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