Your perspective matters: A new vision in light of the COP26 summit

© UNICEF/UN0547135/Elwyn-Jones

In light of the COP26 summit, as a young person, I felt it absolutely imperative to engage with the conversation which is currently spreading across the world. We need change more than ever. But in order for that change, we need voices. I am writing this in the hope that one person from an underprivileged background can step forward and be the voice the world community needs. Now, more than ever, we need voices from the countries where climate change is a significant threat. 

As a person from the UK, I am aware that without these voices, we are lacking potential. I want to validate and acknowledge all those voices which have been long ignored, and would like to express my encouragement for what you have to say. Whether you're a young scientist, young activist, young child, young citizen, climate change affects us all, and everyone deserves to contribute to one of the most important conversations in our lifetime. I have hope, seeing so much mass effort to engage in a huge discussion for finding solutions. Every little thing, if done by everyone, can create a large solution.

I strongly believe that, and encourage anyone who feels cynical or disillusioned to have hope. Young voices, and your perspective on climate change matters now, more than ever.  This is a message to us and to the future generations of activists, ambassadors, opportunity seizers, environmentalists: Keep going. 

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