Climate Crisis + Mental Health

Wildfires, floodings, record temperatures, natural disasters...

The consequences of the climate crisis are palpable and affect our everyday lives - they also affect our mental health.

In this series of four blog posts, young people from Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates reflect on the links between the climate crisis and their mental health.

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A picture of a mountain on fire at night, the flames illuminate the tress and lake.

The impact of climate change on mental health

"Let's dive into a super important topic that affects our planet and our well-being: climate change. It's a total game-changer in the environmental and social scene, and we need to talk about how it's not just about melting ice caps and rising temperatures. Brace yourselves, because climate change also messes with our physical and mental health!" 

Read the blog post by Yassine, from Morocco

A girl is covering her face with her hands, an image of the Earth as seen from space is behind her, and there are drawn green lines over the image.

A reflection on climate anxiety

"When I hear about Climate anxiety, the first thing that comes to mind is the sense of worry, uncertainty, and stress about the impact of climate change. This genuine concern is a normal response to the real climate threats we face. We shouldn't dismiss our unease; it's okay to feel uneasy about the future.

Read the blog post from Rana, from Lebanon


There is no planet B

There’s no Planet ‘B’

I have fond memories of watching a documentary called "Our Planet," which showcased the breathtaking beauty of our planet and highlighted the incredible diversity of animals and plants. Sadly, all this beauty is now threatened by the impact of climate change.

Read the blog post by Mujtaba, from Iraq

A forest and a mountain in the back, seen through an orange light indicating hot weater.

Tit-for-tat relationship between climate change and mental health

"In the face of intense weather phenomena, like severe storms or scorching heat, I tend to become a bit of a grumpy grouch, quick to anger and acting all out of sorts. However, when the weather stabilizes or becomes more moderate, my mood does a complete 180. It's like I'm a different person altogether. It's fascinating how extreme weather can have such a profound impact on our emotions."

Read the blog post by Maryam, from the United Arab Emirates