How you can get involved in climate action

Why is youth representation in climate governance important? How can YOU participate and influence climate action discussions? 

Adapted from the Young Climate Activists in Latin American and the Caribbean toolkits, developed by young activists and UNICEF experts, the Climate Action for Youth series will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to understand how you can get involved in climate action.

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1. Why is youth representation in climate governance important?

Young people are essential to climate action. They will be living with the impacts of climate change and have the right to participate in decisions that affect their future.

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2. Multilevel governance is needed to address climate change 

Climate change impacts are felt at the local, national and global level. Actions and participation from all social actors are needed to address the multilevel causes and effects of climate change.

 3. How can you participate at the national level?

Participate in creating or updating your country’s climate action tools like NDCs or join groups that help to design climate policies. If participation processes don’t exist, advocate for the creation of these spaces for young people.

Youth participation in climate action

4. How can you participate at the global level?

You can join YOUNGO, the official youth constituency of the UNFCCC or attend the Conference of Youth (COY), an official space for young people to discuss solutions and prepare for youth participation at COP. 

5. Other ways you can participate 

  • Join or organize a local or regional COY
  • Raise awareness for climate action on social media
  • Join climate-related groups and movements
  • Demand that your school, community, city, or country become more sustainable

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Illustrations and design by Mukah IspahaniSophia Paez and Blanca Quiñonez.

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