Be part of the #LetMeLearn campaign!

Be part of the #LetMeLearn campaign!

We probably don’t need to tell you that there is a learning crisis in the world. Most likely, you’ve experienced its effects. Some of you have even blogged about the challenges to access education you have faced over the last months. But you may not know that without urgent action, we face a generational catastrophe. 

That’s why we are calling you to act NOW and join the Let Me Learn Campaign, which provides young people with a platform to demand change and speak up to tackle the learning crisis and transform education. This is an opportunity to share your concerns with world leaders ahead of the Transforming Education Summit that will take place during the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September. World leaders will meet to decide how to address this global challenge, and they will listen to what you have to say.  

Your voice matters, and you can have a crucial role in transforming education. Take action now and urge governments, leaders, and decision-makers to #LetMeLearn. 


Here’s how you can participate: 

  • If you are between 13 and 24 years old, submit a blog on our platform. If you are new to the site, click here to create an account. Here you can find all the information on how to submit.   

  • Get informed!

  • Submit a blog where you share your ideas, solutions, demands, or thoughts on what world leaders can do to tackle the learning crisis. 

  • In this opportunity, blog posts can have between 50 to 700 words. It doesn’t need to be long, you can just share one thought in a few words. Make sure to be clear! 

  • Use the hashtag #LetMeLearn before the title of the blog, and add your first name, country, and age at the end of the post. 

  • Submit your blog before 19 September. 

We will amplify some of the submissions as part of the #LetMeLearn campaign.  


Young people's views from around the world

These bloggers have already joined the #LetMeLearn campaign to share their views on the learning crisis, the situation in their countries, and possible solutions:

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Why Education is important! – Priyanka, India

Terms of education – Ankita, India

Reimagining the education system – Taieba, 17, Bagladesh

Una educación que forme personas auténticas – Isabel 16, Venezuela

Education is a right, not a privilege – Arpita, India 

Look them up – Yanma, Indonesia, 22 

Education for persons with disabilities – Joseph, 23, Kenya