Why Education is important!

A Graduation Ceremony!

Have you ever wondered how powerful education can be in everyone's life?
I believe, most of you must have heard one of the most famous quote by Nelson Mandela on education, that is "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Today, I'm able to write this only because of my education.

Even in today's modern world, we people are still fighting to get the RIGHT TO EDUCATION!

Through this blog, I want to make a request to world leaders to focus on EDUCATION, because it's the sector where our betterment starts.

My Story: How I learnt the importance of education!

My maternal grandmother, who was a teacher, always taught me how education is important in everyone's life, and she always advised me to go to school regularly. While growing up, I understood that yes, education is a very, very important thing for everyone.

Why education is important?

Education simply means educating ourselves. In order to make our future better, we must educate ourselves.

But, many cannot afford education because they live in poverty. Well, the cost of education is getting more expensive day by day.

The importance of education:

Education is not only about educating a person, it can also offer a person a better life.

With the skill of reading, you can feel others. With the skill of writing, you can share your thoughts and ideas. 

Awareness for education and better education policy in a country can make a country or a nation better. 

High literacy rate means more employment opportunities in a country. In order to achieve a high employment rate, a country must make its literacy rates higher. 

Education is a right for each and every one around the world!


Covid-19 & Education:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in many countries students couldn't get access to internet or technology. Therefore, many were forced to get drop-out from schools or educational institutions.

Now, we must ensure that each and every one around us is getting access to quality education and our governments are taking proper responsibility for it, which can eventually make our world more better. 

My Action:

As being a student, I have created an YouTube channel named 'Learn together, where I upload educational videos. 

I'm trying to help others to learn and get themselves educated, with the help of internet.


This blog was submitted as part of the #LetMeLearn campaign special call for entries.

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