Asian ≠ Coronavirus


"I don't want to sit next to him, he probably has the coronavirus"..."Bro did he just cough, corona time"...

Before the outbreak in America, words like this causally spread in school, I mean, words kinda hurt... It's pathetic and embarrassing when coronavirus doesn't even discriminate but a human does. Not only in school - outside the school people also gave me "looks". I forgot to mention something, I'm from Wuhan, you already know that gave those racist a good chance to discriminate. Two weeks later the school called time out, they said we are out of the school for 3 days, but I already knew we are not going back to school for the rest of the school year. 

Happy Quarantine! Online class! You probably enjoyed it for a week, then you started getting tired of it. You miss your friends, probably miss going to school for the first time in your life. You don't want to attend the online class, you probably just sleep through it, you don't want to turn any homework in. The only thing you do is probably eati in your bed and be on Tiktok for 12 hours a day.  

Tiktok is the next thing I want to talk about. Ever since quarantine, the time I use Tiktok is more frequent. There's lots of kinds of videos, clearly, hashtags 'coronavirus', 'quarantine' is the trend. There are many videos joking about the coronavirus. At first, people just joke around, but now the "joke" turned to "racism". " It's all Chinese people's fault, they should pay for it", "China is lying", "The test they sent are useless", "how's bat taste like?" Words like there are all over the internet; people have started attacking Asian creator's posts on Tiktok. There's an Asian girl eating seafood that's not usual for Americans, and the comment section is like "no wonder they have corona", "that's where the coronavirus come from". But that girl is eating an octopus. There are some people standing up for Asian people: an American posted some pictures when he was in Wuhan a few years ago, and he said Wuhan is a beautiful city, can't wait to visit after the pandemic. It felt heartwarming to me as an Asian who is from Wuhan, but the comment section says otherwise "I wouldn't go..." "I don't want to get the coronavirus" "go eat some bats".

What is happening with these people's minds?  

It just hurts seeing these comments and we can't do anything about it because of the right they have to "freedom of speech". Good rights just let idiots have a chance to say whatever they want. Educate yourself, if you really want to say something, do some research on your own, it's not smart to speak your mind on this type of thing. Words can hurt people's feelings, even cause traumatization.

Instead of being hateful, we should all be united as one against this virus. You don't need to be a doctor to become a hero, just stay home, don't put yourself and the people you love at risk. Those are my own experiences, I think some of you can relate, the situation for us is not good. I thought America is an accepting country, let's grow up, it's 2020. 


United States of America