Because I am a girl

Me in black and white

My grandmother was born a girl into a family that would never allow her to go to school or learn, the two things she wanted most.
She had told me once that she would sometimes sneak out and hide near the school windows to just hear the teachers and learn what she could.
Then they married her to my grandfather.
She sent all her kids to school and she helped them study every night so that she could learn as well.
She was the smartest, strongest woman I have ever met. That I will ever meet.
I often imagine what she would've  become had they let her study. Sometimes I think a teacher for sure, sometimes a doctor, sometimes I think she would have written novels, but I know for sure that whatever it was she would have left a huge impact on the world.
My mom didn't go to University, she learned how to cook by cleaning in different restaurants, today she is the head chef of one of the most well known restaurants in town.
My sister has two kids, she went to collage, she graduated last year.
I was born the 4th daughter of a family that desperately wanted a boy. I was never treated differently by my family but I would lie if I said I didn't hear "because you're a girl" over a million times when I was trying to achieve something I knew for sure I could.
I do not stop at a sentence like that.
I never will.
Because I'm a girl. I can have whatever profession I want.
Because I am a girl. I can do all the things those before me were denied.
I can go to school, study in a University,I can play football, I can bring life  into the world and give the world life, I can run prestigious companies, I can fight for my rights,I can become a president, I can change the whole entire world.
I am not bothered and can not be stopped by the little comments and beliefs that should have never existed.
Because I am a girl. And everyday is my day.