Pinkish pamper

I made up my mind today, 

To visit the place full of trees and sometimes bees! 

The park near my house, 

Just two yards away, 

And I know it is going to be a mellow day! 


Oh how I have been waiting for it, 

So long with full ecstasy, 

Not for an outing, but the people I will meet. 


Children of all ages and oldies of all kinds, 

With experiences enough to suffice. 

There will be ponds, trees and flowers, 

And this is where that gay spirit hovers. 


So much time with a boring machine, 

Storing only documents and not knowing what my emotions mean. 


I need those colours blue and green, 

To reminisce on golden childhood scenes. 

I will sit on a bench and have my lunch, 

At last, I don't have so much work to carry as a heavy hunch. 


I will talk to children, animals and trees, 

Make sure I live as a human, 

And for sometime forget that poisonous breeze.