Cast your FEARS away

Image of ocean with words 'Do not Fear'

Often times we see ourselves under our blankets, afraid and terrified of doing some other things aside from the things we used to do. We let our fears manipulate our deepest desires and entreaties, in this sense, we let it drive us.

There are a lot of explanations about fear; some people would say it is an innate behavior which occurs usually when we don’t want to do something. Others would say it is our reflex action when we encounter something we do not expect to. But whatever explanation they will employ, for me, it doesn’t matter. We are made exceptionally with wits, cleverness and even bravery. We can cope and we can do whatever we want because of our free will. Yet, those things are useless if we are not going to venture and attempt to give it a shot. Why don’t we try opening our eyes, stepping our feet to something we are not familiar to? Why don’t we go and attempt taking risk to experience incredible things we haven't yet seen? Why don’t we? Maybe this is the right time to remind you that this world has something mysterious for you and all you have to do is to look for it. Perhaps, it is the perfect time in reminding you to cast and face all your fears to see the beauty of unseen places, extraordinary experiences and unforgettable challenges that life has in reserve for you.

Maybe the reason why we are afraid to try something new is because of our fear on what other people will tell us when we fail to comply and that reason draws us back from trying it. But remember that those things don’t really matter. What matters most is that at least you have tried, experienced and learned from it. People at some point will discourage you from doing what you really want, but be reminded that you must not let a bunch of people decide on what you want in your life, they will never be you. Don’t ever miss out on your happiness just because you are afraid of their judgment. Always put in mind that we are made to experience and discover a lot of things.

Like what the famous line in the movie The Pearl Harbor implies, “There is nothing stronger than a heart of a volunteer.” It means, you don’t need other people to dare you try it; instead you need your own courage to go through it, VOLUNTARILY. We can't get rid of our fears, we can just go through it, sometimes we got to get go of our fear to see the beauty of the other side.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!