Blurred out hues behind a fence

They say the world is a Spectrum,
More than infinite shades that fit in between Violet and Red.
Mix them all up to get White,
Their absence stains Black.
But in this world of non binaries and, multiple mixed colors;
Don't we find stark contrasts?
Like Black and White derived from the spectrum.
Like the poor that call slums their home and the privileged living within glass doors.

Like politicians that call the Amazon their own, dissecting the planet's very lungs, corrupting it with mines, mills and more.
And in contrast the people that fight for their forests to live;
Sheltering the flora, fauna and indigenous people who cling on for existence.

Like those who whine with Monday morning blues and dread going to school,
Versus the eager souls that run to class amidst the ruins of war;
That are willing to take bullets to access a book, a pen, an education.

Like the intellectuals that sit in air conditioned rooms, that merely sprinkle pints of sympathy,
To families torn apart by Civil war.
In contrast: those who witness their kin being killed and defiled for standing up.

The planet we live in, houses numerous worlds.
And it's up to us to turn the horrific ones into beautiful.
The grief into joy.

To those who are punished for loving,
To those killed for demanding Rights,
To those whose stories are silenced before they cross borders,
I close my eyes, and breath a silent prayer.
Hoping that humankind bridges the gap between these contrasting worlds someday.