Discrimination followed by COVID-19

#I'm not a VIRUS
Minority of people or Asians are be seen like they are a moving-virus.

As the confirmed cases of COVID-19 are growing in Europe and USA, the fear of the virus is also growing every moment. But as the fear of the virus grows, discrimination against Asians and minorities also grows.

Only because the virus started to spread in Wuhan, China, many Asians must live every moment with a label that says 'Moving Virus'. Sometimes they are subjected to violence, disgust and fear, or they receive offensive glances from people when they are moving around in the street in Europe or America.

I'm Asian, and also my whole family is Asian, I want to stop the discrimination that comes from all over the world towards us. Of course not everyone is discriminating against Asians, but still, when we look around and search deeply in the mind of people who discriminate Asians, because of a small stereotype in their head, they think that all Asians are already sicked by COVID-19 and now carrying around the virus all around the world. But this is not right.

Some people obnoxiously talk about Asians as the people who caused the virus in a first place, or they talk jokingly about causes of COVID-19 and Asians. But every word that people say to Asians and COVID-19 become arrows and are stabbed into people's mind.

I want people to learn lessons from the COVID-19 crisis. I want COVID-19 to leave some valuable lesson to the human race. COVID-19 made more clear that many people still discriminate against Asians and minority groups, and other people who are different from themselves.

I hope we can get through the COVID-19 crisis, and learn some lessons from it. Please stop discriminating someone that is different.

Republic of Korea