Discrimination towards teens

STOP Workplace Discrimination

In today's generation there are many teens that have a job. Of course, they work with adults, young and old. I've heard many stories from my fellow classmates about what they experience at work. Because my classmates are younger, the older employees feel as if they can treat them any kind of way. They force them into doing duties that weren't even given to them. I believe there aren't enough rules to avoid things like this from happening. When teens are working at a job with older people, I think the managers and supervisors should pay EXTRA attention to what's going on. 

From personal experience, sometimes I feel like my boss gives me and the other young employees too much work to do at once, so they can sit down and relax. That makes me feel like someone's mistreated maid. Most kids working are afraid to say how they feel because they're afraid they'll get either fired or that they're being "disrespectful". Therefore, there should be more rules that enforce towards job discrimination with age. 

United States of America