Effects of technology

Social Media apps

Every day there are billions of people scrolling through social media. We can come across something positive or negative. Some teens and young adults try to encourage positivity, but some can post things that are negative. We as teens should take the responsibility and make a movement that can cause the internet to change for the better forever. We tend to forget the kind of power we have to bring kindness and generosity into our world.

I personally sometimes wish that I was born back in the late 1900's just to take that the time to appreciate what I have now. I put myself in other people's shoes back then and wonder how life was. Nowadays, I believe our generation is on the phone 24/7, has little to no family time, and spends most of our time scrolling through our phone searching for what to do. I myself go on that track sometimes, but I know I have to put myself back in place and learn how to discipline myself. That's the only way we'll actually learn how to get off the internet and realize we have so many other things to do than dealing with technology. For example, if the power goes out, we can have quality time and stop worrying about the phone.

I wish that one day everyone can understand the way other children suffer, who may not have a home or a table to eat in. We have this and that, and we take it for granted. Do we really care about everything we have? About the things our parents do for us? Are we really going to risk it all for technology?


It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
–Albert Einstein
United States of America