Empowering = Dreaming

a girl playing on the swings (very hopeful and cheerful mood representing the dream)

How to be empowered, that’s a tricky question. For me, I rely on other people in my life to be empowered, because I’m still young and have less influence than them. But there was one time that I realized about my potential power and influence at the same time: when I found my dream.

Dreaming freely is a privilege. Not everyone can dream about their future life and imagine themselves in the coming days. But I learned that dreams have an unthinkable impact in one’s life. I’m not talking about just a simple routine and cliché such as getting into college, meeting new people in new places, and finding a dream job. The dream that I’m intending to share is way bigger than this.

People usually refrain from looking forward to doing impossible things and envisioning implausible events, because they seem absurd. However, even though it looks like a stupid idea, just dream about yourself becoming president or solving mystery cases like Sherlock. And soon you set the biggest goal, you’ll be able to do SOMETHING to get closer to that goal.

I have loved to dream since I was young. There was nothing prepared to earn that goal at that time, but dreaming was like drawing myself on my white sketchbook with a colorful pen. It was a small wish at first. I wanted to visit France, America, and other countries. Also, I wanted to make foreign friends and speak English fluently. Time passed and now I know that dream has actually come true. It was impossible for an 11-year-old kid, but I achieved every little thing that I imagined, meaning that dreaming makes it easier to start believing in myself for people who have nothing to expect in their life.

I believe that what I learned and absorbed from school and family influenced my dreaming skills. If no one lets you know that you have potential and you can develop your life in a positive way, you aren't able to design your next steps. Classes that help you learn about you path and find out what you are good at are important. Education contains academic knowledge, but it also delivers crucial lessons about their future and gives young people chances to dream.

Today, still many students don't realize that they can dream or even don't know how to dream. I'm not a professional but I can assure readers that learning is the foundation of dreaming. Dreaming costs nothing. But to do this, we need to be reminded that we deserve to dream freely. 

I dream of being a good educator. I'm empowered with this dream everyday. So I want to share my method -dreaming- with others who don't know about it. Hope every young student, especially those who think that they don’t have a chance to be a better person, can be educated to set a different perspective and join the empowering effect of dreams. 

Republic of Korea