Femicides in Turkey

Stock image about gender violence

In Turkey every single day women get killed, abused ...by their partner, ex-partner or even a man walking down the street. Unfortunately their voices go unheard. They have to suffer in silence. These women are terrified to do anything, to stand up for themselves. Let's talk about what turkish women are going through!

If you watch the news just for a few minutes, you will see horrible things : a woman getting killed by her ex-boyfriend, getting abused, getting forced to marry someone she doesn't even know. Turkey's femicide rates has increased over the last years. These women feel weak, unworthy because of their abusive, uneducated partner. 

Even if there are many positive aspects about the place of a women in the turkish culture. There are also bad aspects. For example, girls are forced  to commit suicide after getting raped because they are no longer "pure" (usually happens in the east). A male is viewed as more powerful and think that his wife should serve him (cook for him clean...). Men really do believe that they are superior than their wife or any woman. They assume that their wife should do whatever he tells her to do. These women deserve better than their horrendous husbands. 

Over the last year, the many femicides have sparked many prostests all over the country. The cruel deaths of many young and promising women has woken up a part of the population. Many protests have been organised in order to have justice and equality. The government has not done anything yet  to cease or even decrease this kind of violences. Most of the time, the guilties do not even face jail time.

In 2012, the Istanbul Convention was signed by many countries across the world. It stands for "The council of Europe convention on preventing and combating violence against and domestic violence". This was exactly what Turkey needed. We needed a law that would protect our women. Now they no longer want this convention because " It is dividing families and is against our what we stand for". This is not acceptable in a country where mothers/daughters/sisters have to go through awful things everyday. 

Everyone should do anything they can to help turkish women. You could donate, spread awarness, help someone you know that is going through a similiar thing. We have to support these women and speak up.