Finding Happiness in A World of Sorrows

Happy people

This is a journey that I once had to take, so I hope you can recover and heal as well—from whatever is pulling you down. Especially during times like these.


Throughout the years of living as a passionate teen, I figured out how priorities play a huge factor in happiness and sorrow, how they either hold you back or make you advance. Something about this took me so long to realise, that not all of your priorities needed to please someone else. With this in mind, you can actually find endless opportunities and clear goals that will make you happy in the long run. Your priorities will affect your habits and surely define who you are— so having the right ones in mind will make a difference to how you think, and also free you from a few burdens that were unimportant to you.


Everything is possible on this journey of self-love. You can achieve your ultimate happiness in the place you live, in the people you meet, or the things you do like eating and sleeping, or that hobby you want to pick up. Maybe find happiness in the worst of situations— because when you do, it’s accomplishing.


To flip around your life like this may be difficult for some people, so sometimes, it’ll require some quitting and sacrifices. But as long as those sacrifices release a grudge in you, it's worth the shot. Quit that job, confront that person, take a new route in life. Do it all for yourself.


Remember that all sorts of mechanisms are valid at the end of the day. No matter your background, your story, your differences, everyone wants to achieve the same goal, and that’s to be happy even when things are tough!


So keep smiling! It’s healthy :)