In - finite

Michael Jackson photo taken by Todd Gray
''My life in the bush with MJ and Iggy'' exhibition @moad_sf

She sat at her desk, an image

A man seated, black and white

Youth pouring out of the portrait

And across his face, a photo

Of a man on a boat rowing away


Mortality displayed in immortality

And she faced the sad truth that is life

As she looked at his arms

His veins seemed to carry with them life

And he was as it is breathing in that image


I am, I am .. those words seemed at that moment

To resonate, to exist as if written in that image


I can be created, I can be transformed, i can be transferred

I am energy, always existing

As I would in an image … days, months, years


What about God,

The creator,

His essence living inside a human

The great I AM

Everything was streaming forth

Like a soul upon another soul

Webbed together

Mingling mangling trying to pull apart

But you can never reject, refuse, to be