Health Calling: Protect Your Mental Well-Being

Find the inner positivity.
Surround yourself with positive thoughts.

The year 2020 has been nothing but cruel to the world, the disaster is escalating every day. In this scenario where everything gets negative, this blog is about finding ways to stay mentally stable.

A crisis isn’t a crisis unless it has taken the maximum from you. One in today is the havoc of the Corona Virus.

It’s nowhere expected to stay in the best state of your mind, when the whole world is compromising every minute. It ought to get negative thoughts while looking for something good to happen, as there are less of positive outcomes than negative ones at this time. The pandemic has scrambled mental well-being.

The governments are making enormous efforts in keeping our people safe, protecting, and helping us with needy things at every level. Major public figures, celebrities, local people, everyone are all making their contributions to get this on track.

Around the same time, holding our positive senses on seems to be the only way out to endure and survive here.

Human is a composite reflection of all emotions that could be any living thing. The storage is our brains and it instinctively reduces higher functioning that allows us to plan out long-term expectations from life and brings it to primal, more immediate threat response. Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, self- soothing or mind nurturing are something we must have more than anything. 

Physical balance may constitute an external factor to act upon, but mental stability comes from within, no negative external forces can climb the walls if the walls of positive thoughts are solid enough. 

Stimulating with the soothing, staying calm, and looking out any problem effectively will enable the rest of the parts of your mind to support in finding a smoother way out to this. 

When we talk about stress, there is perpetual anxiety. A constant negative thought process leads to hopelessness, a disbalance of mental and physical health. It further affects your immune system and also behavior towards everything and everyone. 

Let’s now precise our understanding down with “changes in human behavior”, which is obvious. We all by now, know the symptoms and probable causes to get caught by the novel corona-virus, but an inhuman way of treating ill-people is also taking place due to lack of empathy towards those who are suffering from mental illness. Everyone deals with any uncertainty differently, some have better endurance, practical understanding, and some worries before anything they do or even think.

‘In the dark, a ray of hope is more needed than a lamp of light’

What does Hope mean to you?

Everything will be the same again? A solution soon? A miracle? I believe ‘hope’ means acquiring a certain level of patience and feeling the strength of tackle the problem along. Staying positive and trusting own self to find ways to come out of troubles or difficult situations.

Undeniably, things are not very smooth these days, with everything going on in the world, the COVID- 19 pandemic, destructive information on social media’s and poisonous rumors coming all over from nowhere. It becomes even more important to save your healthy mind and create a positive atmosphere around yourself.

We live in a generation of gadgets, advanced technologies that are getting more advanced daily, surrounded by apps. and social media or social interaction circles. All these have an immense impact on our daily lives, be it young ones, who are very much expected to get indulge in the first place, but also the elders who are making some efforts in learning and accepting these technologies into their simple lives. Undoubtedly, having a basic knowledge of these digital platforms has become the’ need of the hour’.

But, as we say, ‘a healthy mind is a key to a healthy life’. We might not be able to eliminate its effect but sure can become smart in retaining only the best for our mind to process.

Here are quick tips to help our daily engagement be more productive to our mental strength: -

  1. Watch Covid-19 related news but only to stay updated, don’t get stressed about it, and feel helpless. Instead make efforts in being a solution, help those who are in need. 
  2. Do some physical exercise or stretches. Make ‘Home gym’ a schedule.  
  3. Consume a healthy diet, try to avoid fried or unhealthy junk food because we might not be able to work as much as on burning calories than consuming them. It's natural.
  4. Work at home: The best thing we can do other than the home gym is cleaning our homes. That will make us sweat and certainly will keep us fit. 
  5. Try switching from Social media engagement to utilizing your time by being there for your family, talk with them, save memories.
  6. Use social media as a way of refreshment, make video calls to your loved ones.
  7. Share good talk, avoid sharing negative thoughts indicating fears. Focus on humanity-oriented news and progressive posts.

The world is fighting with Corona Virus, Let's fight with it by staying home and keeping our mind healthy.

Mental well-being is the key to success.
Keep your inner strength intact. There are two sides of our brains, one that attracts negativity first and second, the positive side that keeps us going even if we're running out of clear pathways.