Heroes of the century !

Stethoscope and doctor's scrub.

About 21st Century , early years of decade 2020 when an epidemic broke out. Yes, after some decades this would be written in the same tense format in history books. We are the generation of change. We need to start it from ourselves. We need to take care of ourselves by staying home as much as we can. United we can make a change. By staying home, we can save many and ourselves too from catching virus. Our heroes are busy days and nights in hospitals being front line soldiers healing and saving patients. Yes, you thinking right. I am talking about our heroes our Doctors. This blog is shout-out to all the doctors out there. I know this is not enough but I will say Thank you our healers. Being doctor, is sacrificing alot. And yes I want to say to all the nations to take possible steps to provide proper safety equipments to their doctors. They are saving the world. They are healer . Sending love and so many wishes to all doctors out in hospital.

Jet dark sky , glancing out through norms
What you'll discover a brave white moon 
Shining all alone surrounded by challenges  
Ready all the time to heal the world 

The one outside when everyone stays home
And expect nothing, nothing in return
Dear readers, yes I am talking about 
The front line heroes of our decade 

When all the world encounter is fear 
Be like Moon glowing up in the sky 
Lightening paths with illuminating spark 
Helping humanity in own unique way 

*It's time to realize and time to be together ! 
Thank you note to all the doctors, healthcare workers and all the people out there making the world a better place in this pandemic to live.*