I hate depression

Who am i? When the sun refuses to brighten my days

Due to the increase in suicidal rate all over the world, I was inspired to write this.

Please note, the following may be triggering.


I am tired of life, I hate this life.

I am scared that I will wake up one day and feel that I am alive and not alive.

Depression is catching up with me.

Anxiety is drawing me in.

The demons are in control of my life.

I am running away from the invisible demons chasing me, but I can't escape them.

Depression made me like this.

It took me until I hated the rising of the sun because I believed the world would see me for the deceitful person I am.

I have lost hope in the things I once loved.

My life has become a mess.

And I am sad and obsessed with the things that pull me down.

I am a perfect hypocrite that makes the world see a smile that is not there.

I wanted a life so perfect that I ended up in a basket filled with water. Imagine that?

Depression has made me cascade, still living in my deeply constructed facade.

Oh depression, how do I escape you?

I have tried all I could to run away from you, but I keep running back into your arms.

I have walked and walked looking for some kind of absolution but I find none.

Everyone that I thought cared for me never even blinked an eye when the saw me drowning.

Drowning in an ocean of pain.

Filled with the silence that gave me gain without hope.

The Sun has become one of my most hated creatures, because I hate the light it radiates out.

I have lost hope in the things of life.

Will I ever escape?

Will, I will ever be able to scale these high walls that surround me?

I cover my pain under heavy makeup so that the world will not see my pain, but will see my vain.

I became so perfect with living with my depression that when I started to drift away and lose the sense of reality, I never felt it.

I look up to the heavens, praying for some kind of absolution against my damned soul, but all I hear is rejection.

I don't get a response.

I feel God has abandoned me.

I feel I can't be normal again.

I feel I have lost all hold on the strong ground and I can't stop myself from sinking.

But I knew deep within me that suicide is not the way to go.

I decided to seek help from those close to me and I rose up to fight the demons that afflicted me.

It was not easy trying to become who I was before, but through God's grace and support from people around me I overcame.

Ways to overcome depression

Do the things you love

Seek help from trusted individuals especially a psychologist or a psychiatrist

Endeavour to be in the midst of friends

Believe that you are a warrior and conqueror.

​​This is the story of a person that was depressed but actually overcame it through sheer desire.

I want you to know, that you are a star?, destined to light your WORLD????

Do not allow someone to dim your light because the world needs you, it needs us.?

You are a fighter so when life knocks you down Riseeee.

​​​​​​A Gem that is indispensable

Dare to Dream

'Cause you are a winner?

Great people don't go through challenges, they grow through challenges - Gaur Gopal Das


Suicide is not the way to go if all things seem dreary.

Keep praying, do the things you love even though it seems all hope is lost

As far as there is a breath of life, you have HOPE.




This is actually my story. I faced it and overcame. You can do it too because you are strong and a fighter.