I use spoken word to give voice to the voiceless

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The beauty of words is that when you write a poem, come on stage, and perform for all you know you are making a change in someone's life. I believe young people can create changes in the future and that's the reason I have been empowering them with my spoken word poetry.

I am a youth activist, poetess, and a professional teacher and I strongly believe in Africa's transformation and the potential of young people. This drives me to contribute to solving societal problems using my spoken word as a tool to give voice to the voiceless in my society.

I delight in the freedom of expression and I write all genres of poems at my disposal, cutting across politics, women and children, and inspirational poems. 

I entreat my fellow females to break into the performing arts and create a change using our voice. 

In Ghana specifically, poetry is largely a male preserve however, I want to challenge the status quo and I entreat my fellow females to break into the performing arts and create a change using our voice. 

I developed an interest in poetry when I was in teacher training college where I used to listen to phenomenal and prominent poets like Maya Angelou, Poetra Asantewaa, Chief Moomen, and Suli Breaks. 

One day I wrote an inspirational poem and gave it to a friend to have a look at. She told me was very fantastic said why don't I start performing it on stage so that people could have a feel of what I have to offer - it might even inspire them to aspire higher in future.

My friend even added that over here in the northern part of Ghana barely do you see females venturing into the poetry industry, so I should challenge the status quo.

We all have that innate talent in us so let's use it to an impact 

I started to perform at events on campus; that's where my poetry career and passion started.

But what actually inspired me to go into poetry is that of my environment. There are a lot of the youth out there who don't believe they can make it in life, and conclude they are failures. There are also some of the parents in my community do not really see the essence of sending their girl child to school 

So, I look at all these things and I am inspired to advocate for change.

I have always had a desire to be an agent of change. No matter the circumstances, someone, somewhere should listen to my poem and say Fatima because of you I didn't give up on my dreams.

I want to be a voice to the voiceless in my community or wherever I find myself.

We all have that innate talent in us so let's use it to an impact 

An excerpt from my poem titled Child marriage

People have sight, yet they cannot see
Ears yet ignore the cry
Voice yet choose to remain silent
They forget that girls are precious like gold and should be handled with Care
Is about time we encourage the girl-child to go to school
It is about time we ask girls about their books, not their boobs
Let's us induce them to seek knowledge
But not to compel them to marry early
Let's say "No' to child marriage
Together we can secure a brighter future like an early morning sunrise for the girl child.

About me: I'm a 22-year-old young lady from the Northern region of Ghana. I'm a professional teacher, youth activist, and a spoken word artiste.

I was raised in a community where education was sidelined - It wasn't considered to be important especially when you are female.

Notwithstanding through my perseverance and commitment to my education, I have been able to advocate for the education of girls - parents are able to see the change in me, and they encourage their children to take me as a role model. This has been my inspiration always.