I will keep on shining

A woman staring at the sky

So what if you fall, what if you crumble

What if your blood flows like the river ganges, what if your throat begs for air 

What if your tears are falling like the rain , what if you fall.

The sun will keep on shining, day will come and go as night will come and go,

Water will still flow, plants will grow and perish,

Trees will grow and stumble, life will move on,

The world doesn't seem to care, when I bleed, cry and fall, many celebrate and wallow in worldly pleasures,

But one-day will come, my name will be known, for good and not for bad,

When that day comes I will keep on shining, just like the stars shine in the day without the moon, I will keep on shining, I won't stop,

A day will come and the world will see my light, this is my promise to the world.

Hey you, how are you??? Will you keep on shining no matter what????

Answer please

Best regards Lia💖