I'm Here: poem about unemployment

Picture showing Covid taking away employment

The world has changed, 

A visitor came 

Without a welcome 

It stayed 

Without any acceptance 

People lost their houses 

Their family in other circumstances 


Jobs got cancelled

People lost their money 

I’m here, 

to raise awareness.

I’m here, 

to get those their normal lives back.


People in castles, 

are now on the streets,


1 in every 4 adults

had a massive economic change,

as a gift.


1 in every six

had to borrow money, 

or even food.

Just to survive 


Let’s try to help,

Let’s help people,                                

Be understanding 

What if this person is your reflection


Try to be welcoming,

If you tell them a word 

that’s some comfort.


I'm here, 

your sign 

to go,

 and make someone smile.