The importance of international cooperation: the case of the European Union

European Union flag

I've been hearing for some time that the situation needs to be normalized. However, each day I hear it less, because in my country, we continually battle Covid-19. 

No one is untouchable, as the Director-General of the World Health Organization has already said, not even young people. We must forget the mentality "it will not happen to me" and begin to say "it will not happen to us".

We must understand that this is a pandemic, infecting the world and not only a particular region. The term "pan" is a Latin prefix that refers to "everything". Our society is no longer local, but global. Global integration provides many positives but let us not forget the many challenges ahead.

The European Union is the epicenter of the pandemic. Spain and Italy are the most affected countries in Europe, with higher death rates than China and statistics continually rising. 

Has the pandemic brought greater unity to the European Union? On the contrary, we can say that the European Union's joint action plan against the Coronavirus is currently at a standstill. In these difficult times, we must remember why we cooperate internationally. Today the virus destroys Spain and Italy, tomorrow, who knows? 

Cooperation demonstrates empathy, solidarity and knowing how to wear somebody else's shoes.  

Cooperation between countries is like two friends who live far away from each other and they are still together, no matter the distance. 

This leaves us only two options, unify or collapse. To answer this, some people will have to ask themselves, what if what happens far from my country is something that can happen to me?