Is It Possible To Help Ourselves By Helping Others?

The image says that in lifting others we rise


Nowadays, the possibility of helping ourselves by helping others intrigues me. In fact, that question has been on my mind for so long that I even forgot when I started to wonder. These days, I decided to take some action and began to do some digging. Anyway, the answer to the question is a big YES!

Helping others has effects on human physiology and psychology that have been proven by various researchers. Some researchers indicated that assisting others is highly associated with happiness and overall psychological wellbeing (Filkowski, Cochran and Haas, 2016), whereas some researchers drew attention to physiological benefits that are strongly correlated with better health and longevity (Schwarts et al., 2012).

To be more precise, I would like to present to you a research example. Some of us may think that money can buy everything we want and also happiness. Apparently, it is not according to research that has been done by Dunn et al. (2008). As a result of the research, people who donate to charity or spend a part of their income on loved ones feel much happier than those who spend money on themselves. Therefore, it can be said that helping can happen in different ways, but it still promotes happiness. 

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