red green blue covid-19 particles

Does hither come when called to come hither?

No. It comes knocking in the dead of dusk

Words cannot be heard when they’re so bitter

Leaving you as empty as a hollow husk


They say expect the unexpected but is it possible

When the unexpected is not even a possibility?


Shock comes to sadness comes to boredom comes to misery

Previous connections and conversations become past history

Waiting for a ping or a ding, got a notif! ... It's delivery

One more game couldn’t hurt, press play again, one more victory?


Mindless repeat, endless habit, was yesterday today or is tomorrow yesterday?

Laying in bed is comfort but if comfort is everything, what is the feeling of pain?


Leaving has never looked so thrilling

An unsettling emptiness and constant danger

The winter air has never felt so chilling

Carefully measured proximity with a stranger


A thin dagger up my nose with a clutching vise of fear

The dreaded text arrives with a bold red “positive” for each of us


Disbelief comes to worry comes to worry comes to worry

The spread despite our efforts have us medicated in a hurry

As The Wicked Man from Below comes to stalk and to bury

Everything starts to mix until the world becomes too blurry


Loud wailing and quiet whispers, coughing and blood

Solidarity had been a blessing yet how could we have caught Its attention


The youth rise up to the challenge while the elders lag behind

Heavy responsibility, too sudden to comprehend

Too many tasks taken granted for what you come to find

In the face of an invisible enemy you didn’t mean to offend


Let me weave you a tale of the suffering of many

Why it's better to listen to the advice of the knowledgeable


If they say don't go out, just become a recluse

If they say wear a mask make sure it's not too loose

If they say to stand apart, stay apart, don't be abstruse

Listen to the words of the knowledgeable, there's simply no excuse

United States of America