A little bit of Scandal and motivation

Cheers to Motivation and Strength!

‘I am the Hail, and the High Waters!’

‘No body! Takes Command?’

‘We’re never done! Or rather:

‘Whatever happens, there’s always another move.’

‘Whatever happens, we do not give up.’

And then my best…

‘What did I tell you to do Olivia… To work twice as hard to get at least half of what they have.’

 All these golden words could be anyone’s mantra. A source of internal inspiration that is enough to make you feel motivated for a whole year, a lifetime even! And yet, they do not count as an eighth of a quarter of a paragraph in any of Shonda Rhymes’ Scandal episodes’ scripts!

Pause: Away with the poor mathematics there, ;) 

So to clear up the air for anyone who could be in the dark, I have just stated some of the best words that I have been able to grasp from Scandal, a series that I hold so dear in my heart. Am sure some of you do too. Not only because of its thrilling romantic and governance related plot but also due to the specific characters that we’ve grown attached to from the beginning. 

Praising Scandal would take me a whole novel. Because the kind of motivation and strength that oozes from its existence in our screens is so unfathomable and very intense! I mean both politically, in terms of governance and most importantly the lives and personalities of these people that we have entrusted our national and global leadership to as well. 

There is too much insight to it and the reason I am putting this out is because of an Instagram Story I came across today. Someone was answering to a follower’s question on when they felt strong and what kept them motivated. 

I have been thinking about it for hours now and the more I dig deeper into the reasons why I normally feel strong and what my motivating elements are, the more I explore through my life. My experiences, personalities, and quite a lot about my personal space and the general societal impact on it. Maybe we can have it served in rhetoric for you to answer that later as well ;). 

In the process of understanding my motivation and strength alarms, I stumbled into ‘Scandal’ and among many other pieces, I could say that the art industry in terms of film, music, and pictorial production has worked well in shedding strength and inspirational light into our lives. 

What makes me feel strong is my faith in God as a Christian, my achievements, my character, and a lot of things that I get to relate to on a daily basis in my life. The motivation comes with it. What’s yours? 

(You could comment on that below, help me and the other audience to this discover new motivating factors, and the other inspiring pieces of art as well. Thank you.)

With that being said for today, I hope that you get to understand your strength and motivational factors, build on them, and let them be your driving forces to your success and our societies’ success in general.

A big shout out to the art industry, Scandal and cheers to strength and motivation!


Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal.
Whatever happens, we do not give up.