Looking at the sky

A girl looking at the night sky (cartoon)

When I  become bored of staying in my room and find nothing to do, I go to my balcony and look at the sky. Most of the time I look at the sky in the evening. When the sun starts to go down. And when I look at sky, I feel a sense of purity, serenity. The wide sky and the breeze reach deep inside of me and make me feel happy. The feeling is really breathtaking. The wideness of the sky, the serenity reaches into my heart. The evening sky has different colours each day. Most of the time it is sky blue, and the blue clouds. Sometimes it becomes yellow. Sometimes pink, red, or purple. Sometimes gray. It also has a spiritual effect. The beautiful sky reminds me of the Creator. I wish I could hold on to that time forever. 

When I become so depressed and nothing seems to be able to heal me, I look at the sky. And after a while, my pains go away.  My mind becomes light and fresh. I look at the sky and think about my problems, without telling a single word. The sky seems to be like my friend, who is always there for me silently. It works as healing for me. And it helps me to think that everything will be alright and I can start again. In this world where nothing is eternal, sky is something that will remain till the end of the world. So when no one is by my side, I look at the sky.

Purple and red evening sky

When I become so restless with my problems, I look at the night sky. The nightscape. The largeness of the sky does something in my mind. I try to inhale the beauty and exhale my pains and worries. And then my restlessness decreases. Sometimes I see a full moon with all its beauty. Sometimes I see stars, but that is rare because of the city lights.

When I go to my balcony to look at the sky, usually I take no one with me. That's another thing. As an introvert, I enjoy alone time. And in that time, it feels even more comfortable. Only me and the sky. I love thinking a lot of things looking at the sky. I think about myself. I think about my dreams or someone. I think about the Almighty. I enjoy my own company. My heartbeat. 

Three years ago, I had a habit of waking up at dawn to say my prayer. Now I can't wake up and I miss that time a lot. That time was really beyond description. The blue light of dawn. My head is free from the problematic world. A sense of serenity. It was really amazing. 
You can try it too. The sky is something that's always pure, even if everything gets polluted. So you can always turn to it.