Love Myself


Love Myself 

"I am learning to love myself without exceptions." 

-Answer: Love Myself

The campaign Love Myself was founded in 2017 launched by the BTS band to promote anti-violence messages and to provide self-esteem. (Love Myself) Loving oneself is the main purpose of the creation of this beautiful campaign that has been renewed last March of the year 2021. I think that as an Army I should write this, I do it because I know that the group that I follow has initiatives really excellent to encourage to eradicate the social problems that haunt us as adolescents and young people. Since I started following BTS, many things in me have changed, they have been part of my growth process and that is why I want to share it, I want to show that this has helped me and can be of help to those who read it. .

Before starting to follow them and really focus on what was going on around me, I was very suspicious of myself, mainly my physique. I did not like that my legs were so fat, I did not like that my arms had to suffer from keratosis pilaris, I did not like that little belly that is still formed by my belly, I did not like part of my face I did not like knowing that my skin was so delicate and easily irritated from being in the sun.

When I started listening to his songs, I remember that listening to “Answer: Love Myself” really made me feel in an inexplicable way, that day I cried because I realized that he had not loved me when he had everything to love me. After listening to that song and knowing the meaning of its lyrics, I began to see myself more often in the mirror and to smile, to repeat to myself that I should love myself, I began to repeat to myself that I was really beautiful with every characteristic that my physique had. It was a checkered process, but that day came where I got out of bed and even with my hair disheveled and sleepy eyes I felt pretty, I felt beautiful for the first time in a long time.

I began to love myself no matter what stereotypes society imposed on me, I began to love myself and to form my character with strength, I began to love my mind and my personality. I started loving those parts that were the product of bullying at my school since I was little. When I began to say that I loved myself, I began to love my inner and outer self. Because yes, the mistakes I made years ago are what I am today, and I'm ready to continue growing, because I love my 19-year-old version, and I know that if I continue to myself love as I do today, I know that I will love my version of 25 years. Because not only must I love my outer self, I must love my inner self.

The Love Myself campaign is based on providing messages of love. In this opportunity I share with you that I could get to love myself I am still in that process but I have grown. I was able to see myself in the mirror and smile when I saw what I saw through it, so it is up to me to encourage you to take that leap into the void called "self-love", you will have your good and bad days, but I I am sure you will love your result. 

Self-love begins by loving your mistakes, ceasing to be pointed out by what you did in your past and concentrating on your present, it begins by loving your heart, because the joyful heart beautifies the face. After all, our exterior is only a reflection of our interior. Self-love begins when you decide to make what society classifies as "ugly" look beautiful, it begins when you decide that those comments are not worth it, it begins when you see that there are only characteristics that differentiate you from people and not empty stereotypes called imposed beauty by companies. 

Love your mistakes, love your character. Start making those changes that you feel comfortable with and not those that society wants to make you believe that you will be comfortable with. Begin by loving your inner self, that when your heart is loved your face will be beautiful.

I want you to start smiling because I know you have that inner beauty; begin to feel like the true beauty that you are but that they have made you believe that you are not, begin to see beautiful those curves that make you look like the art that you are, begin to feel privileged to have certain physical features, either in your skin , in your eyes or in your hair.

Start loving yourself because you deserve it; Amate, love yourself, if not you, then who?.

Love notes:Love

  • "that only you can be the moon of your sky and the light of your darkness."
  • "Give yourself love that there is no love that can replace it."
  • "Give smiles in the street, you don't know who you can make their day with your smile."
  • "You have shown me that I have reasons why I should love myself."
  • “We love you 24/7” 


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I realized that he hadn't loved me when he had everything to love me, that's when I decided to start loving myself.